Clean Tech

Who are we?


Clean Tech Innovations is a Research & Development (R & D) company that has provided quality products and services to customers for years. We are based in Bartlesville Oklahoma yet our customer’s products and services are used and promoted world-wide.  


Our mission statement:

"We develop Technically Innovative products for our customers using commitments to Environmental Responsibility, Cost-Effectiveness, Quality and a Safe Environment."


Technology innovation is a process where a new method, idea, product, or improvements to the process are developed for use to the point of creating value. Innovation takes this process through the stages of research, development, demonstration, and deployment. This often involves collaborative efforts between a range of organizations and personnel such as private or public laboratories, institutions, financial organizations, or government regulatory organizations.  Two technical innovation areas of interest to Clean Tech Innovations LLC are the Energy and the Environmental sectors.

There are many technical innovation similarities and many differences in these two sectors.  Technical innovation occurs in the energy sector by providing new or improved methods, ideas, or products aimed at expanding the exploration and production capacity and efficiency in extraction, conversion and use while reducing environmental impacts. Technical innovation in the energy sector is market driven with clear commercial applications and providing financial returns.

Many product environmental regulatory compliance frameworks have now matured to the point that not only directly driving technical innovation in products and product development processes. They are also providing system designers and product development professionals with exciting new opportunities to reduce product costs, development costs, and improve time-to-market.  The application of Lean principles to product regulatory and risk management is an example of innovative product development methods, where focus on identification and elimination of project waste provides direct cost benefits within the product and across the product development lifecycle.