Clean Tech

Biographical Sketch for Lyle D. Burns



Education and Training

Northwest Missouri State University, Maryville, MO Chemistry BS 1974
Iowa State University, Ames IA, Organic Chemistry MS 1977


Research and Professional Experience

Clean Tech Innovations, LLC, Bartlesville, OK 2009 – Present

    • R & D on Environmental, Oilfield, Fuel/lubricants and geothermal products and processes.
    • Commercialization of brine contaminated soil remediation product.
    • Commercialization of SPI Gels for CO2 conformance control in EOR (Enhanced Oil Recovery).
    • R & D Evaluation of SPI Gels for Geothermal Zonal Isolation while drilling.
    • Conducted field testing of oilfield brine remediation product for salt contaminated soils.
    • Consulting for chemical supplier to the oilfield chemicals business.


RTASCo, Oklahoma City, OK 2008 – Present
Board of Directors – Chief Technology Officer

    • Solve technical issues and answer questions pertaining to environmental products developed and commercialized for the RTASCo marketing and sales organization.


RTA Systems, Inc., Bartlesville, OK 2005 – Present
Vice President Research & Development

    • Expanded silicate remediation technology to a “dual-use” system for Chemical/Biological Weapons defeat under DoD & EPA Phase I, Phase II SBIR, and SBIR Enhancement contracts.
    • Led the refinement of the new and improved remediation system for environmental clean-up of hydrocarbon spills under Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology (OCAST) OARS project.
    • Developed thermoplastic elastomer polymer product as a unique absorbent for hydrocarbon and chemical recovery.
    • Developed and commercialized the SPI(Silica-Polymer-Initiator)gel system for EOR conformance control as a subcontractor under the Stripper Well Consortium contract for Impact Technologies and the OCAST contract for casing leak repair as a co-PI.


Terra Environmental Products Company (TEPCO), Bartlesville, OK          1994-Present
President/Founder of TEPCO

    • Developed and commercialized products for environmental clean-up technologies.
    • Developed a portfolio of fuel and lubricant additives for a customer.


Biorecovery Systems, Inc., Lafayette, LA 1993
General Manager

    • Led turn-around effort of an environmental remediation service company.


Phillips Petroleum Company, Bartlesville, OK
Environmental Technology Planning Team Leader, R & D      1991 - 1992

    • Led five high-profile multi-functional teams with a budget of $5.4 million to reduce $500 million environmental upgrading expense involving facility emissions monitoring, improved product and process developments.
    • Planned improvement for specialty chemical manufacturing process increasing production from 9 to 12 million pounds by eliminating two waste streams.
    • Identified 85 environmental operations problems.  Received funding for top 15 projects.

Special Projects Director, Crude Oil, R & D 1988 - 1990

    • Improved refinery residuum processing efficiency by participating in development of a characterization model.
    • Accountable for refining and E & P special projects involving characterization of crude oils and cuts for new oil reserves and reformulated fuels.

Marketing Manager, Production Chemicals – Drilling Specialties Company 1986-1988

    • Started oil field production chemicals business.  Contributed $400,000 pre-tax profit from $1.6 million sales in second year.  Profitable through team leadership and cost containment during difficult financial times for the oil and gas industry.
    • Managed worldwide market/sales effort of five people for stimulation, cement and specialty products.
    • Developed five-year business plan for production chemicals to generate $6 million sales revenue.

Senior New Product Development Specialist – Drilling Specialties Company 1982-1986

    • Developed and commercialized water-soluble polymer products stable to acid, salinity and high temperature environments in stimulation and EOR conformance.
    • Increased revenues $50 million from additional oil production Ekofisk, North Sea using new product.
    • Secured sales from product introduction to oil companies in Norway, Denmark and China.

Market Research Specialist, Chemicals 1981

    • Assessed new business opportunities and performed market research for specialty chemicals.
    • Recommended mining business for sulfur chemicals, contributed $1.2 million in 1988.
    • Recommended manufacture of sulfur chemical intermediate for methionine industry. Plant built 1997.

Senior Research Chemist – Fuel & Lubricants, R&D 1979-1981

    • Discovered organic antiknock additives that are five times more cost effective than MTBE(Methyl-t-Butyl Ether) for increasing motor fuel blending octane number.

Research Chemist – Polyolefins, R&D 1977-1979

    • Improved polyolefin additive systems for $100 million specialty resins market.


Patents, Publications, Accreditations & Awards

    • 25 US Patents Issued and others pending
    • Numerous Publications
    • Seven Technical Publications
    • IR 100 Award for Product Development, 1986


Synergistic Activites

    • Worked on oil field and environmental related projects since 1981.
    • Safety Record: No OSHA recordable injuries during my career.
    • Taught OSHA HAZWOPER safety course for workers in hazardous environments, 1996 – 2008.
    • American Chemical Society member, 1970 - Present.
    • Society of Petroleum Engineers member, 1981 - Present.
    • Stripper Well Consortium Member, 2007 – Present.
    • Rogers State University Innovation Center Board, Sec., Chairman and Vice Chairman, 2005-2012
    • OK Green Country Manufacturing Alliance Board, Director 2012.