Clean Tech



Products and Technologies

Many of the R & D products and technologies were created by a mutual need by the market, small business or the US Government to provide a product or technology that will provide a badly needed solution to a problem facing industry and the people of the world.  Areas of scientific interest and R & D expertise by Clean Tech Innovations include activities in:


Environmental Products

    • Remedial Spill Clean-Up Product for Hard Surfaces & Soils
    • "Safe" Acid Neutralization
    • Solidifying Polymer Spill Clean Up Absorbent
    • Oilfield Brine Remediation Product


Oil and Gas Technologies

    • Enhanced Oil Recovery Conformance Control Gels for Water or CO2
    • High Temperature Acid Gelling Agent for Hydraulic Acid Fracture Stimulation
    • Polymer Flooding


Geothermal Zonal Isolation

Fuel and Lubricants

Technical Consulting