Clean Tech

Fuel and Lubricant Technologies


Mr. Burns formerly worked for R & D in a major oil company in the early 80’s when oil companies were looking for a tetraethyl lead substitute.  Mr. Burns found several additives that provided substantial octane increases to gasoline fuels above what methyl-t-butyl ether, a preferred blending agent, provided.  This background, along with another project in Octane Requirement Increase and a project in over based lubricating oil additives provided Mr. Burns with a good background in fuel and lubricant additives.

Later, a customer wanted to develop his own automotive additives business.  His prior experience was in product sales for a couple of the leading US automotive additive suppliers.  In order for him to form a company and enter this business on his own, he needed a mixture of proprietary and me-to products.  Over a three year period, we developed a product line for fuels, lubricants, coolants, and transmission fluids.  This involved substantial literature search, contacts, and backward product integration to develop these products from feedstocks purchased from the leading suppliers in the business such as Chevron, Lubrizol, RT Vanderbilt, PMC Specialties, etc. Some of the products were proprietary, but others were the leading brand formulated according to the suppliers recommendation.  When the program was complete the customer had 18 products to supplement his business.