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A large oil and gas company where Mr. Burns was previously employed had a chemical operation which sold drilling and cementing additives into the oil and gas industry. They felt the market and the parent oil & gas company had a need for a high temperature acid gelling agent for hydraulic acid fracturing in its worldwide operations.  Gelled acids retard the reactivity of carbonate formations such that the acid is not spent in a short fracture length, but instead, allows significantly longer live acid penetration deep into the reservoir. This was the perfect challenging opportunity for an individual who had entrepreneurial flair, yet technical knowledge of the subject matter to be able to take a project from invention to commercialization and marketing/sales.  Within two years the product was developed in R & D and ready for field testing in the US and later at several world-wide well locations. The field test conclusions indicated the gelling agent was very stable in 28% hydrochloric acid up to 300 oF for a long enough period of time to pump 60,000 barrels of gelled acid fluid.  After a reasonable shut-in time, the gelled acid fluid broke down to a low viscosity for flow back without damaging the fracture or wellbore area.  Proof of this concept was found in the decline curves in the years following the treatments.  We noted that when the wells stabilized after stimulation, they stayed at that stabilized level for four years or more beyond where the wells had previously started the natural decline rate.  After this decline has started, it is normally time to start considering another stimulation treatment.  Four years of production in this manner could be considered additional profitability for the well before more stimulation investment is required.  Mr. Burns continued with this project through field testing to marketing and sales.  The product is still reported to be a significant product contributor in this decade.